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In a qualitative operation, Al-Basateen police department seized huge amounts of smuggled medications and explosives in Gaoula farms.

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Al-basateen police department seized huge amounts of smuggled goods in a hanger and a yard in one farm of Gaoula, north west Adan on Friday morning. The hanger was used for storing foodstuff. Colonel Mosleh Al-Thurhany, chief of Al-Basateen police department indicated in a phone call that the police department was informed by security resources about the suspicious goods. A police taskforce attacked the hanger and seized huge amounts of high explosives covered under foodstuff covers.  All seized stuff was transferred to criminal investigation department. He also added that the department received a call that the hanger’s owner came by looking perplexed and tried to get a truck out of the hanger yard with one person on board in addition to the truck’s driver. Another taskforce attacked the location when the smuggler shot on air while trying to escape leaving his Hilux. After searching the truck, the force found smuggled goods including cigarettes and human and veterinary medications under a cover of cement. The force arrested the driver and his companion and delivered them to criminal investigations department along with the seized goods. Al-Thurhany thanked Head of security forces in Adan, general Shallal Ali Shaea and colonel Mohamed Sokkara for their full cooperation. by Nabeel Al-Kouaity

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