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In a training workshop on e-news editing… Bahashwan: We are keen to raise level of journalistic performance

The Southern Journalists and Media Members Syndicate, in cooperation with the Media Training Center, organized a training course on “The Art of Editing Press E-News,” in which twenty male and female journalists from various media outlets and students from the Faculty of Media at the University of Aden participated.

At the opening ceremony of the course, Dr. Abdullah Al-Haw, Vice President of the Assistant Training and Qualification Authority, stressed the importance of continuing and intensifying such courses, as this would raise the efficiency of media cadres, hone the skills of those working in them, and the opportunities they provide for students through direct contact, constructive discussion, and practical training with Southern media professionals and make the most of their scientific and practical experiences.

For his part, the head of the Southern Journalists Syndicate, Aidroos Bahashwan, confirmed that the Syndicate will continue to hold and coordinate such media and journalistic courses and workshops in various specializations to keep pace with the rapid development of the journalism and digital media sector and to hold this cornerstone to raise the level of performance in media institutions.

Bahashwan pointed out the importance of journalists distancing themselves from quarrels, dependency, and the culture of cutting and pasting that prevails among many people working in the journalistic field, and seeking credibility, objectivity, and accuracy as basic success tools in the process of building and succeeding those working in the profession.

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