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In presence of governor bin Madi… Graduation ceremony for a new batch of Hadrami Elite Forces

Hadhramaut, on Tuesday, witnessed graduation of the eighth batch renewal, of the Hadrami Elite Brigade, in which the graduates organized a military parade, in the presence of the Governor of Hadhramaut, Mr. Mabkhout Mubarak bin Madi, and the Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Talib Saeed Bargash.

The military parade included highlighting the physical and combat capabilities of the soldiers, and the members of the batch formed the name “Hadhramaut” on their bodies and the number of the eighth batch, and they demonstrated their skills after the period of military preparation, using weapons, close combat, clashes, and self-defense.

They performed a demonstration of individual skills in disassembling and assembling weapons in normal, poor and no vision conditions, in contrast to the distinguished level of the batch members, in addition to the passage of military vehicles and raids.

The presentation showed that the Hadrami Elite Forces continue to graduate batches with high military capabilities and high readiness, to preserve Hadhramaut and the homeland and protect its gains, confirming that it is the shield and fortress of Hadhramaut and the first line of defense for its people.

Bin Madi praised the level of successes achieved by the Hadrami elite in maintaining security and stability in the governorate, expressing his appreciation for the combative role of the elite forces and their commitment to combat training programmes, which made them a force proficient in the arts of combat and maintaining security, and reliable in carrying out military missions.

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