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In Procrastination to Withdraw from the City… Al-Houthis Plan for a New Military Escalation in Al-Hodeida

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[su_dropcap]L[/su_dropcap]ocal Yemeni sources indicated that Al-Houthis are planning for a close military escalation as part of their procrastination to withdraw from the city and surrender the seaport. The sources added that Al-Houthis are accumulating massive amounts of medium range weapons in many popular districts in Al-Hodeida in addition to deploying loyal groups as public commissions for guarding public and private facilities. Sources also asserted that Al-Houthis deployed Katyusha rockets in several locations along Al-saeedia and Al-Mahjar, south of Heis in Al-Hodeida.
Furthermore, sources indicated that incase Al-Houthis were forced to initiate the agreement, they will only withdraw their units from Al-Hodeida seaports and its parameter without withdrawing the units stationed inside newly-built barracks in Al-Hodeida.
Earlier, Al-Houthis refused the UN Decision of expanding the international monitoring commission in Yemen. It is also noteworthy that Patrick Cammaert, head of UN cease fire commission survived gun shots by Al-Houthi militias during his return from a meeting with government representatives on “Ekhwan Thabet” industrial complex.

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