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In Response to Al-Jazeera and Muslim Brotherhood Claims, Al-Gabery Asserts that Elites Forces Are Formed by Presidential Decrees

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Hadhramaut – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In response to the claims of Al-Jazeera and other Muslim Brotherhood (Reform Party) media tools, Hesham Al-Gabery, official spokesman of the second military zone, indicated that reasons of such attacks are very clear as Elites Forces in Hadhramaut and Shabwa and Security Belt Forces achieved major victories over terrorists in their territories and a clear evidence of that is the recent victory in Al-Musainy.
In his press release, Al-Gabery indicated that Hadhramaut Elites Forces managed to restore security and stability in Hadhramaut through defeating terrorists and the recent victory over terrorists in Al-Musainy, west of Al-Makla, is a clear evidence of that. He asserted that Elites Forces were formed by presidential decrees that clearly indicated the mechanisms of forming its brigades under commandership of the second military zone in Hadhramaut. He added that all these claims aim to falsify and misrepresent the security successes of Elites Forces.
Al-Gabery indicated that Elites Forces are the most successful example for restoring security and stability in all Yemeni Governorates and all these claims depend on fabricated and falsified information by media tools that proved to be lying just to demolish our achievements in the second military zone. He also asserted that: we are going on in our patriotic effort as we will never allow anyone to threaten our security and stability, and these campaigns are failure reactions to our successes in our anti-terrorism war. He added that partnership with the Arab Coalition is strategic, fruitful and continuing because of its real results on the ground and because of major support provided by commandership of the coalition, Saudi Arabia and UAE.
Al-Gabery indicated also that some political entities aim to form a negative image about the situation in Hadhramaut although the security, order and stability of Hadhramaut prove these campaigns wrong. He added that such “Political” campaigns aim to falsify the true situation of life in Hadhramaut but citizens of Hadhramaut realize the importance of the second military zone forces after major crises that happened after terrorist groups managed to control Al-Makla.

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