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In Response to Ben Doghr’s Threats, A Fiery Statement of the Southern Transitive Council’s Spokesman

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Spokesman of the southern transitive council indicated that the council refuses the return of any Northern troops to Adan or any part of the south. Salem Thabet Al-Awlaky, spokesman of the southern transitive council issued a fiery statement:
It seems that prime minister Ben Doghr sees the two paths as one. This is not due to political blindness, but because he sees the world according to one vision saying that All Roads Lead to Sanaa!!
He doesn’t want to see that liberating Sanaa and other parts of Yemen should be done before thinking of returning Adan and the south to Yemen again. He doesn’t want to see liberation operations since 2015 as victories but merely confrontations with Al-Houthi and he refuses to acknowledge the fact that Al-Houthi was using the National Army Brigades loyal to his Ally Ali Abdullah Saleh!!!
Ben Doghr keeps talking about unity and the so-called “one revolution” in all occasions. His last provocative statement about redeploying northern troops in Adan and Hadhramaut neglects the fact that these same troops were defeated while fighting side by side with Al-Houthi militias and some of them escaped during battels!!
Statements of prime minister Ben Doghr provoke the south that payed a heavy price of his sons’ blood and mass destruction for liberty. He refuses to acknowledge that the real fight is in Sanaa not in Adan.
The southern transitive council is not reacting to skirmishes as the council is concentrating on the empowerment of the south. Therefore, we are not going to fight in any illusionary battlefield and at the same time we are not going to allow the return of “enemy” troops to our lands under the flag of the so-called Legitimacy as these troops will only try to dominate the south and surrender our liberated lands to those who we got rid of in our epic fights and victories.
Accordingly, the southern transitive council heavily asserts the following:
Refusing the return of any northern troops to Adan or any part of the south and any step in that direction will be faced by the free will of the southern people and will be stopped as the conquest of Al-Houthi militias and Saleh’s troops was stopped before.
The elite and security belt forces are not a threat to security. Instead, it establishes security and achieved several military victories that were not achieved by other military or security forces loyal to the so-called legitimacy that filed in restoring security in streets. This means that targeting these forces is to target terrorism-fighting forces and this in turn supports terrorism.
The legitimate government should stop provoking the south with such statements that jump over realities of the situation on the ground. Giving the legitimate government a chance to revise its performance does not mean that we should accept such provocative acts. The people and transitive council of the south are very interested in the south’s security and avoiding unnecessary struggles. Those who want to force commands should force it on coup-supporters in Sanaa not on the south that is very capable of protecting the victories of the peaceful southern movement and resistance.
We praise the heroic efforts of the elite and security belt forces in fighting terrorism and restoring security. They are entrusted with the sacrifices of our glorious martyrs of the southern movement and resistance who paved the way to freedom and dignity with their blood. The south is not going to undergo the reverse path that returns it to the dominant powers that only changed the faces just to role play according to their conspiracies and lies.
Salem Thabet Al-Awlaky
Member of the Presidency Council
Spokesman of the Southern Transitive Council.

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