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Iranian Interior Minister infected with #Corona virus

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In a new development of the scale of the tragedy that is escalating in Iran due to the Corona virus, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced the increase in the number of cases of the virus to 593, in addition to the increase in the number of deaths to 43.

Officials in Iran have not escaped the infection with the virus, which has spread in the religious city of Qom, amid the Iranian regime’s adherence to refusing to impose a quarantine on it, as it announced that the former Iranian Interior Minister and head of the current judicial authority, Mustafa Burmhamdi, had died due to the deadly virus, and Speed ​​Rouge, Former President of football club Ahmed Ahki after he was infected with Corona virus.

Those names join a previous list of injuries that included a number of Iranian officials, including four deputies in the Iranian parliament, after Muhammad Ali Wakili, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s Presidency Council, announced the registration of injuries among the deputies, as well as examining thirty deputies to see the results of their analyzes.

Hadi Khusraw-Shahi, a former Iranian diplomat to the Vatican, also joined the list of victims whose were killed by the virus, at the age of 81, due to the presence in the city of Qom, the epicenter of the spread of the virus.

Mujbati Dhul Nur, the head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in the Iranian parliament, and the deputy for Qom, also announced his infection with the new Corona virus, along with the Iranian deputy health minister, who appeared in a press conference, and symptoms of the disease appear on him, as he tries to All the time he wiped his forehead with tissue, due to his excessive sweating and his inability to stand firmly at the conference.

The Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, also joined the list of officials who were declared infected with the virus, which made her undergo treatment in an Iranian hospital.

Amid the official figures announced by the Iranian regime about the development of the disease, the Iranian opposition confirmed that the Iranian regime refuses to announce the truth about the numbers of victims who are falling due to the outbreak of the disease in the country, and also accused the regime of obfuscation and concealment of facts as it pushes to expand the scope of the disaster.

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