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Lahj Security Identifies the Killer of Al-Rabat

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Lahj – Osama Al-Amoudy [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In less that 12 hours, Lahj security, under commandership of brigadier Saleh Al-Sayed, Security Chief of Lahj, managed to identify the victim and the killer of murder occurred in Al-Rabat – Lahj. A security source indicated that a young man was found dead in Al-Rabat and in less than 12 hours criminal investigations and intel managed to identify the dead man as “A. T. A.”, a citizen of Al-Nujaifa village – Radfan. The source indicated that the motive was criminal and the killer, whose name is not mentioned for the good of investigations, is being pursuit now. Citizens of Lahj praised the efforts of Lahj security department in maintaining security and stability of the governorate.

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