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Lamlas calls on to contribute to addressing the service situation in Aden the capital

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The Governor of the Capital Aden, Mr.Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, called on the international community to contribute effectively to recovering Aden from its current situation, calling on the international organization to intensify stabilization programs to accelerate the construction and development process in Aden as the country’s capital.

During his meeting on Saturday, with Mr. Marwan Al-Ali, Director of the Office of the United Nations Envoy to Yemen, Lamlas indicated that what Aden is living in from a dire situation has reflected itself on the lives of its citizens, which puts the international community before a humanitarian and moral responsibility that requires its rapid intervention.

The governor pointed out that the local authority has made great efforts to address the service situation and was very much hoping for the role of the government to enhance its efforts, but unfortunately the government remained powerless in the face of these conditions in the capital.

During the meeting, Lamlas and Al-Ali discussed a number of issues, most notably the humanitarian situation in the capital Aden, resulting from the low level of essential services and the deterioration of the value of the local currency exchange, which resulted in the high prices of food, fuel, etc. Aden is living through poor services and its negative repercussions on the citizens’ livelihoods, and the supposed role of the international community in dealing quickly with the suffering of the people of Aden.

The meeting touched on the problem of the large influx of IDPs from the northern regions to Aden, its negative effects on the situation in the capital, and the weak role of international organizations in helping the local authority to cope with it.

To that, the UN official, Mr. Marwan Al-Ali, praised the efforts of the local authority, represented by the Governor of Lamlas, in facing the great challenges it faces at the service level, calling on the Prime Minister and its members to stand by him and assume their full responsibility towards the residents of Aden.

At the same time, Al-Ali called on international organizations operating in Yemen to adopt more effective projects and programs to address the conditions facing the city of Aden.

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