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Lamlas directs to intensify efforts to remove effects of rain and strong winds hit Aden the capital

The Minister of State, Governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, directed the directors of the districts and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund to intensify efforts to remove what was left behind by the rains and strong winds that the capital, Aden, witnessed at dawn on Monday.

Lamlas stressed the speed of movement, going to the field, and raising the pace of work by all officials, led by directors of districts and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in all its departments, to work on draining rainwater, removing debris resulting from strong winds in all main and secondary streets, and cleaning rainwater drainage channels in areas and sites where water and garbage are accumulated.

Lamlas stressed the need to harness all energies and capabilities to carry out urgent treatment to solve the obstruction of traffic, and to take the necessary measures to preserve the public safety of citizens from the dangers of stagnant water.

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