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Lamlas inaugurates the local authority building in Al-Mualla district

Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, Governor of the capital, Aden, on Monday, inaugurated the local authority building in Al-Mualla district, by self-funding construction, with the participation of the head of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden the capital, Moamen Al-Saqqaf, and the staff of the Security Belt Forces, Brigadier General Jalal Al-Rubaie.

During the inauguration ceremony, the surrounding area of the building witnessed the removal of cement and dirt barriers, the opening of the roads adjacent to the building, and the handing over of the site to the local authority, after it was temporarily used as a headquarters for a military unit following the 2015 war.

In the meeting of the Executive Office of Al-Mualla District, Lamlas directed to respond to the needs of citizens, without procrastination or postponement, in all security, health, and educational facilities.

The meeting discussed the problems of sanitation, traffic congestion, and the difficulty of accessing water to a number of areas, in addition to the challenges facing the work of the local authority and ways to solve them.

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