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Lamlas: Reconstruction of Aden requires enhanced resources

The Governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, during his meeting with the director of the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Magdalena Kirchner, in his office in the governorate’s general office, on Monday, discussed mechanisms of cooperation and coordination to rehabilitate and train youth leaders and career cadres in the local authority.
Lamlas stressed the continuation of work to develop the service and economic aspects, and the development of revenues, saying that reconstruction requires the enhancement of resources and the qualification of young leadership cadres.
The Governor of the capital pointed to the need to raise awareness of correct concepts about human rights and legal systems and regulations, particularly among young people, praising the efforts of the German Foundation in various fields.
Lamlas called for more support in training and rehabilitation programs, and to raise the degree of coordination with the local authority in order to achieve tangible results on the ground, stressing the local authority’s readiness to overcome difficulties and facilitate the tasks of the supporting German institution.
During the meeting, Magdalena Kirchner reviewed the Foundation’s programs and projects in the capital, Aden, and various liberated governorates, in addition to workshops in the political, economic, and media aspects, in addition to the Peace and Security in Conflict Program.

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