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Lamlas to Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights: Aden is city of coexistence, peace and love

The governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, during his meeting with the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Reno Detal, on Sunday, refused to rely on reports that do not support just causes.
Lamlas expressed the keenness of the local authority in the capital, Aden, to support everyone who works on the ground and advocates for human rights issues, whether political, civil, social, or economic.
He said that the capital, Aden, was and still is a city of coexistence, peace and love that has embraced everyone from all over the world since ancient times, stressing that everyone lives in it safely and enjoys all rights just like its people without discrimination.
Lamlas pointed to the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees, African migrants, and displaced persons from other governorates, where they are treated well, despite the city’s suffering from a burden on services, which was reflected in the capabilities of the authorities in the capital, Aden.
The meeting discussed the operations of the Commission’s office in the capital, Aden, and its inspection of the Mansoura and Bir Ahmed prisons, and its current and future plans and projects, including holding training courses for employees of the Public Prosecution Office and police departments.

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