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Local Leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Adan Holds its First Meeting and Elects Chairmen and Deputies of Commissions

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] The local leadership of the southern transitional council in Adan held its first meeting to elect chairmen and deputies of commissions. Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Al-Waly, chairman of the local leadership, delivered a speech on behalf of general Aidarous Al-Zubaidy, president of the southern transitional council. The speech thanked citizens of Adan for their dignity and patience indicating that Adan id rich with elite patriots in all fields and this is their time to bring security, stability and development to the beloved capital of the south. Al-Waly said: “our top priority is to support national unity and maintain security and stability in addition to restoring basic services and development in cooperation with local authorities in the southern governorates, the legitimacy and the Arab Ally. We are all partners in weal and woe. Our hearts and minds are open for all without exclusions, from Bab Al-Mandeb to Al-Mehra. This is our homeland. It is for all. We do our best, but we may succeed or fail. We need support and advice from everyone in Adan”. He added: “We will do our best to get Adan out of its crisis. We are not the alternative of anyone, but we are with everyone in Adan, no matter how diverse they are. Adan holds us all. Our priority is to establish security, peace, stability and development of Adan. We have no hard feelings against Sanaa and we hope the best for our brothers there. There is no good in an immature political situation that brought only destruction for the northern and southern peoples as well”. Dr. Al-Waly indicated: “We fought for the legitimacy of president Hady, but we were very clear from the beginning that we were against the coup and aggression. We will never allow imposing a regimen by force neither in the north nor in the south. We will never fight for imposing the union again by force. Hady’s legitimacy is the balance that will help the two peoples to reach a satisfying solution for both. I call for a serious open dialogue to determine the good of south in specific and the south and north in general”. Al-Waly asserted: “Saudi Arabia, UAE and all countries of the Arab Ally are our partners in defending the security, dignity and sovereignty of our nation in addition to development. This ally is based on mutual interests, brotherly spirit and neighborhood. We are determined to preserve that by our blood”.
Al-Waly also indicated that there will be national rights to come and the council is ready to represent the south in any national, local or international talks to advocate the rights of our people to restore his independent state according to 1990 borders after two wars of genocide and more than 25 years of failure union that turned into full occupation. We seek safe disengagement and we are ready for that as both parties, the north and south, admitted that the union was a fail and any new contract of that kind should be with full agreements of both peoples without ant forceful actions. Al-Waly ended his speech saying: “the southern transitional council was delegated by the southern people to advocate his rights. We will never hesitate in doing so no matter the costs are. Our goal is freedom and only death can prevent us from seeking it”.
After the speech, commissions’ missions and tasks were discussed and each commission elected a chairman and deputy as follows:
Public and Civil Community Commission:
• Abd Al-Rahman Ali (Chairman)
• Nada Al-Aweel (Deputy)
Planning Development and Investment Commission:
• Dr. Soad Othman Al-Yafeay (Chairman)
• Ali Abd Al-Mageed Bu Hery (Deputy)
Youth, Women and Sport Commission:
• Ali Abdullah Abd Al-Rab (Chairman)
• Eshtiaq Mohamed Saad (Deputy)
Services Commission:
• Eng. Ali Ahmed Hasan (Chairman)
• Eng. Ahmed Al-Murisy (Deputy)
• Eng. Abd Al-Rahman Ali (Second Deputy)
Martyrs Commission:
• Brigadeir Mohamed Abd Al-Kawy Al-Saady (Chairman)
• Mubarak Ahmed Al-Haboub (Deputy)
Political Commission:
• Adel Gafar Yousef (Chairman)
• Ali Ahmed Al-Gaady (Deputy)
Media, Culture and Intellect Commission:
• Ahmed Hashem Al-Sayed (Chairman)
• Sheba Al-Kady (Deputy)

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