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Major General Al-Bahsani discusses with official spokesman of STC the most important developments in the southern arena

Major General Faraj Salmin Al-Bahsani, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), member of the Presidential Leadership Council, on Monday in Hadramout governorate, met Mr. Ali Al-Kathiri, member of the Presidency of STC, official spokesman for the STC.

The meeting, which was attended by Captain Hisham Al-Jabri, Director of the Office of the Vice President of the STC, discussed the most prominent developments in the southern arena, reviewing the political and security situation in the region, ways to enhance the efforts and moves undertaken by the Southern Transitional Council, as well as the challenges that the STC faces in its endeavor to achieve the aspirations of the southern people.

During the meeting, Major General Al-Bahsani expressed his appreciation and support for the role of the member of the Presidency of STC, the official spokesman for the STC, in consolidating relations between the STC and the people, through balanced political speeches to the public that include messages to unite the southern ranks and reject differences, stressing the need for the Transitional Council to be close to the general public and be informed on their requirements and problems, with the aim of providing support and facilities that meet the needs of the southern people.

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