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Major General Al-Bahsani Highlights Upholding Combat Readiness of the Second Military Division

Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, the Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), emphasized raising the level of combat readiness for personnel of the Second Military Division (SMD) and intensifying training and qualification for the rest of the time period for the second semester of the training year.

The meeting took place today, Wednesday, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, with the Commander of the SMD, Major General Staff Pilot Fayez Mansour Al-Tamimi, through which Al-Bahsani was briefed on the level of readiness of the SMD, stood before a range of issues facing the progress of military action on the Coast of Hadramaut, and discussed ways that can contribute to addressing and solving such challenges.

Major General Al-Bahsani listened to the Commander of the SMD, who gave a brief explanation of the efforts made by the command of the SMD to maintain the level of security and stability fulfilled in Hadhramaut, in addition to the military and security campaigns.

Al-Bahsani reiterated the keenness and interest in all military divisions, and the SMD in particular, as the most well-disciplined division that can be considered a role model to be emulated in military construction, expressing the readiness of the council to provide all facilities and support to the SMD to carry out its military duties as required.

Al-Bahsani appreciated the efforts exerted by the command of the SMD to preserve the military achievements that have been fulfilled, as well as to maintain security and stability in Hadhramaut.

The Commander of the SMD expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude for the attention given by Major General Al-Bahsani and his constant readiness to provide all facilities to preserve the national gains and achievements fulfilled by the forces of the SMD.

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