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Major General Ben Brik discusses with Deputy Chief of General Staff situation of military staff in governorates of South

Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Chairman of the National Assembly, on Sunday, discussed during his meeting with Lieutenant-General Saif Saleh Mohsen Al-Dhalei, Deputy Chief of General Staff, the military situation in the South.
The meeting agreed on reactivating the work in the departments of the Ministry of Defense in order to return a large sector of security and military commanders to carry out their duties according to their specializations in the governorates of the South.
The meeting discussed the field situation in the front of Al-Dhalea, Al-Hadd, Karish and Al-Musaimir, and the need to keep the forces vigil and secure them with all capabilities to confront the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.
The meeting also discussed the outcomes of the Riyadh consultations, their developments and their impact on the course of events in the South, and the importance of maintaining the unity of the southern ranks to overcome conspiracies.

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