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Major General Bin Brik calls on people of Hadramout to participate in the “Southern Land Day” event

Major General Ahmed bin Brik, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, called on the people of Hadramout in general and the valley in particular to positively participate in standing and rallying as part of the activities of the Southern Land Day to be held next Friday, July 7.

bin Brik said in a statement on Tuesday, “We urge your hands for the sake of Southerners unity and strengthening cohesion and interdependence to protect the land, honor and dignity against all calls for fragmentation and projects of division and creating strife between the people of Hadramout on one hand and between them and the people of the South on the other.”

He added that in order to extract the legitimate rights of the people of Hadramout, and to cut off the hand of all the tampering and corrupt by the forces benefiting from the plundering of wealth, while the people of Hadramout and the South suffer from the economic, living and service deterioration, which has reached an extent that cannot be tolerated or accepted.

The Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council made it clear that when we make a pledge to our people in Hadramout and the valley in particular, we assure them that we stand by them and support them until they achieve their fateful goals, foremost of which is the liberation of the valley and the consolidation of the foundations of security and stability, and Hadramout will remain the beating heart of the South.

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