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Major General Bin Brik discusses economic situation in the capital, Aden

Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, on Tuesday, met with a number of businessmen and investors in the capital, Aden, to discuss the economic situation, under the guidance of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi.

Major General Bin Brik stressed the necessity of overcoming the difficulties facing the businessmen and projects of merchants and investors, whether from bureaucracy or illegal levies, to create a suitable environment to attract investments and create the appropriate conditions for economic stability as the holy month approaches.

For his part, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Salem Al-Saadi, explained that the harassment and illegal levies to which merchants are exposed hinder the wheel of development and affect their desire to invest more of their money in the country.

In turn, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Labor Services Sector Affairs, Rashid Qasim Hazib, indicated that the Ministry is working hard to overcome the difficulties that merchants may encounter in their transactions within the Ministry’s jurisdiction.

During the meeting, the businessmen and merchants reviewed a number of obstacles they face in the course of their business, and some proposals that contribute to addressing or reducing them, stressing the increase in their community activities and charitable works for destitute families, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

The meeting discussed the economic situation and the crisis that the country is going through, which was exacerbated by the navigation crisis in the Red Sea, as the holy month of Ramadan approaches, praising the efforts of the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in overcoming the difficulties facing investors, and the interest in working to improve the economic situation.

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