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Major General Bin Brik Discusses with Chamber of Commerce Head Investment Facilitation in the Capital, Aden

Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Chairman of the National Assembly, discussed today, Wednesday, with Mr. Abu Bakr Salem Ba-Obaid, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the capital, Aden, a range of topics and issues related to the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and the obstacles that stand in the way of performing its work as expected, in serving merchants and facilitating attracting investors from business and finance to the capital, including coordination between security and supervising services operating in the port of Aden in order to promote it.

The meeting also reviewed ways of improving the economic aspect to develop the situation of the local market and gradually alleviate the suffering of citizens.

Mr. Ba-Obaid affirmed that despite the great efforts being made to improve the situation, the citizens need results that can be felt and touched on the ground.

The meeting also touched on holding a workshop in the middle of this month, in which many topics of interest to traders and investors will be discussed and very important issues will be put before the workshop to develop appropriate solutions.

During the meeting, Major General Ahmed Saeed highlighted the good contribution to improving the situation, stabilizing the market, and reviving it by providing a suitable environment for merchants and businessmen to invest their money and promote the capital, Aden, since the economic aspect is one of the important aspects of the state.

Ba-Obaid thanked Major General Bin Brik for his constant support of the private sector and urged him to work on stabilizing commodity prices for the benefit of the citizens.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Omar Abdel-Qader, a representative of Al-Wahda Cement Company, and Mr. Khaled bin Khaled Salem.

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