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Major General Bin Brik discusses with intellectuals and cultural men ways to improve cultural situation in the South


The Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, met on Sunday, at the Assembly’s headquarters with a number of intellectuals and cultural men, in the presence of Dr. Abdo Al-Maatari, head of the Culture Committee at the National Assembly.

The meeting discussed ways to activate the role of the Culture Committee in the National Assembly in order to improve the cultural situation in the South, which has been subjected for years to a deliberate deterioration from forces hostile to art and ancient southern folk heritage.

The meeting also discussed the possibility of forming artistic teams that work on listing all the cultural heritage and folklore that the governorates of the South enjoy.

Major General Bin Brik stressed that the Cultural Committee is a integrated committee to the work of the committees in the National Assembly and has no less importance than it, as it is concerned with the cultural heritage and folklore of the southern state.

Major General Bin Brik stressed the necessity of reviving and activating the role of cultural centers in the South and the work of the field descent mechanism, to inventory facilities, collectibles, and all cultural and archaeological legacies with the available capabilities in order to preserve and defend them.

The Chairman of the National Assembly pointed to the importance of implanting moral values ​​and concepts among people through the beautiful folk art that our country, the South, enjoys.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Bin Brik stressed the need to unify the southern cultural ranks to preserve the cultural heritage to build the present and the future, and to restore the southern national teams and revive their role again.


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