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Major General Bin Brik reviews conditions of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries

Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, Acting President of the Southern Transitional Council, Chairman of the National Assembly met on Monday, with Eng. Amin Abdullah Nasser Baqadir and Hamid Abdullah Saeed Al-Karbi, Undersecretaries of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries.
The meeting, included lawyer Niran Souki, member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council , Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, in which it discussed the situation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, and its affiliated institutions and ways to continuously improve its conditions and level of activities to serve food security at the country level.
Major General Bin Brik also discussed the general conditions in the country, the most important of which is the economic situation, represented by the agricultural and fisheries sector, and the problems of marketing fish, vegetables and fruits and how to provide them to the consumer at prices commensurate with his living income.
Major General Ahmed Saeed stressed the need to promote the economic sector in the South, which would contribute to stabilizing the local market situation, stressing that the Southern Transitional Council pays great attention to this sector and supports everyone who works to take appropriate measures to stabilize the market situation and deliver food commodities to the consumer at low prices, commensurate with his limited income.

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