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Mansour Saleh: Despite the Generous Support, Ben Daghar’s Government is A Mere Bubble and No Bargaining on the Goals of the Southern Transitional Council to Restore the Sovereign State of the South

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] In TV interview broadcasted on Balquees TV Channel on Friday, Mansour Saleh, a prominent southern journalist who is very close to the presidency of the southern transitional council, indicated that the legitimacy of the southern transitional council is undoubted, especially after full support of the whole south and its military forces represented in the southern resistance. He added that the council represents the southern will and from the day of its establishment it declared certain goals and its political mission is to represent the south and restore its state on the borders of May 20th, 1990, without any deception. Talking about the UN report, prepared by international experts, indicating that the council is spreading its organizational and military existence in the south, Saleh said: “this is normal and in favor of the council, especially when the report describes president Al-Zubaidy as the president who controls those most organized troops”. Saleh added that Yemeni government headed by Ahmed Ben Daghar is a mere bubble without any legitimate power or real existence, neither in the north nor in the south, especially in the Adan, the capital. He added that this government is basically failure and instead of restoring infrastructure and state’s facilities, it clearly headed towards corruption and luxurious life in Riyadh hotels. About support granted by the Arab Coalition, especially UAE, to the southern transitional council and the southern resistance, Mansour Saleh indicated that support granted to the north is not less than what was granted to the south, adding that UAE forces fight side by side with the southern resistance with sons of tribal leaders and UAE commanders being killed together in the west coast battel fields in Al-Makha and Al-Hodeida while commanders of the legitimacy are celebrating their marriages and banquets in Riyadh and Istanbul. Saleh indicated that the Arab Coalition, especially UAE, is still providing major support for the legitimacy in Marib, with weapons, equipment, salaries and ambulances that were seen used in trading Qat there.

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