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Massive Marsh in Al-Dalea in Response to the Calls of Syndicates and NGOs to Overthrow the Corrupt Government and Support Southern Resistance

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Dalea – Abd Al-Salam Kassem [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Streets of Al-Dalea witnessed a massive marsh in response to calls of syndicates and NGOs to overthrow the corrupt government and support the southern resistance. The marsh started from Al-Dalea Cinema House to the headquarters of the southern transitional council in Al-Dalea. Leaders of the southern transitional council branches in the governorate and directorates, including brigadier Abdullah Mahdy, chairman of the council in Al-Dalea, and leaders of syndicates, NGOs, youth and women of Al-Dalea participated in the marsh with revolutionary poems, slogans and banners condemning criminal acts of Ben Daghar’s government against peaceful demonstrators in Adan.
Dr. Fad Al-Rebouey delivered the speech of the preparation commission and then Nabeel Ali Shaef delivered the statement of syndicates and NGOs that condemned irresponsible acts of Ben Daghar’s government concerning the killing and injuries of peaceful demonstrators and blocking the roads to prevent them from participation in the million marshes in Adan on January 27th and 28th, 2018.
The statement demanded that president Hady and countries of the Arab Coalition to fulfill their responsibilities towards punishing those who launched the aggression against innocent peaceful civilians as Ben Daghar’s corrupt government used its militias to shoot and kill unarmed civilians in Khour Maxar. The statement praised the well-recognized role of the southern resistance who interfered quickly to save lives of peaceful demonstrators and for its vital role in defeating the Iranian project in the liberated governorates. The statement also praised members of the presidential guards who refused to obey orders of their corrupt leaders and refrained from involving in killing their own people.

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