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Media Sources: al-Arrada Disables the Central Bank in Mareb and Deposits 700 million Daily in an Exchange Office Related to the Reform Party – The Political arm of Muslim Brotherhood

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Mareb – Follow-ups [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Media sources indicated that Sultan Al-Arrada, governor of Mareb, established a private bank in Mareb outside the supervision of the Central Bank of Yemen and is depositing more than 700 million riyals daily in an exchange office owned by a Muslim Brotherhood member called Haj Mohsen Al-Khedr. These deposits are the revenues of gas and oil. By this act, Al-Arrada disabled the Central Bank in Mareb and closed it. Sources asserted that Al-Arrada hired an Indian technical team last October to disengage with the Central Bank. Economic experts indicated that revenues of gas and oil exceed 950 thousand US Dollar daily, not mentioning revenue of Al-Wadeea outlet confiscated by Al-Arrada.
Al-Arrada refused Ben Daghar’s governmental orders stating that revenues to be deposited in the central bank in Adan claiming that he is depositing it in Mareb branch while actually he is depositing it in this private exchange office. Officials described Al-Arrada’s acts as constitutional rebellion against president Hady’s decisions as Al-Arrada declared his refusal clearly. Al-Arrada is fully supported by the escaped general Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar and they considered Mareb as private property confiscating its revenues away from Ben Daghar’s government and president Hady.

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