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Member of the Supreme Committee of Hadhramaut Conference: The National Assembly will be the‎ Supreme Legislative Authority in the Southern Transitive Council.

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With our celebrations of the 14th October anniversary and the approach of declaring the national assembly as a southern parliament, Judge Shaker Mahfouz, member of the supreme committee of Hadhramaut conference, general secretary of the southern Judges Club and one of those who prepared the documents of the southern transitive council, indicated, in an exclusive statement for SAMA‎ News, that the national assembly will be the supreme legislative authority in the council while the ‎presidency will be in charge of initiating what the national assembly agree on. He also talked about the importance of having Hadhramauti figures as members of the southern transitive council. He ‎also said that the presidency of the southern transitive council is not in charge of applying the space and number of citizens standards as this is an original competence of the national assembly as ‎the supreme legislative authority of the council while the presidency is only in charge of initiating what is agreed upon in the assembly. Mahfouz indicated that documents of the council adopted the‎ federal state as a shape for the desired southern state. He also indicated that neither of the governorates, including Hadhramaut, was not denied its rights according to the general standards of sp‎ace and number of citizens and the federal state is fair for all to guarantee development. ‎

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