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Military leaders in Abyan axis appreciate efforts of Security Belt forces in strengthening security and fighting terrorism

SMA NEWS – Abyan

Military leaders in Abyan combat axis highly valued the efforts made by the Security Belt forces in enhancing security and stability, fighting terrorism and controlling terrorist cells, the latest of which was the arrest of the terrorist cell involved in the Zinjibar bombing, which targeted members of the Third Brigade of Backup and Support of Abyan axis.

This came during inspection field visits to the military leaders of the axis, represented by Colonel Mohammad Qassem Atwa, head of Abyan combat axis operations, Colonel Fahd Abu al-Ezz, the moral guidance of the axis, and Captain Yasser Mazlaki, deputy moral guidance, to a number of military and security units in Abyan.

The military leaders of the axis visited the camps of the southern armed forces located in Abyan governorate. They inspected the headquarters of the Security Belt and Rapid Intervention Forces, and the Counter-Terrorism in October 7 camp, Batis city, Khanfar district.

During the visit, Colonel Mohammad Qassem Atwa praised the great victories achieved by the heroes of the Security Belt Forces and the Counter-Terrorism against the forces of evil and terrorist organizations, the latest of which was the arrest of the terrorist cell involved in the Zinjibar bombing on Friday.

For his part, Colonel Fahd Abu Al-Ezz, the moral guidance in the axis, praised the efforts made by the Security Belt Forces, the Rapid Intervention and Counter-Terrorism Forces in arresting the terrorist elements involved in the recent terrorist operation that killed heroes of the Southern Armed Forces in the city of Zinjibar.

The Moral Guidance of the 15th Thunderbolt Brigade, the Moral Guidance of the 11th Thunderbolt Brigade, and the Moral Guidance of the Special Forces delivered speeches praising the heroes of the security belt and their efforts in establishing security in the governorate.

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