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Minister Al-Zaouri discusses with international expert ways to activate the National Plan activities for Women Peace and Security

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Zaouri, on Monday, in the capital, Aden, discussed with the international expert, Dr. Etimad Matar the developments of the activities and events of the national team to implement the agenda of the National Plan for Women Peace and Security, activating the role of central and local committees to implement the activities in accordance with the plan, and the role assigned to the Ministry in the process of coordination, follow-up and mobilization of support from international institutions, donors and civil society institutions.

The minister stressed the importance of supporting and financing the National Plan for Women Peace and Security in implementation of UN Resolution 1325, again calling on donors to abide by their pledges in this regard.
The minister heard from the international expert the latest developments in the work with the security services in the southern governorates and the liberated areas regarding the activity of the national team, the results of the meetings with the leaders of the security units, and ways to prepare for the expanded meeting to discuss the evaluation report that was prepared in coordination with the security office in the capital, Aden.

The Minister also discussed the issue of activating an electronic page on the Ministry’s website to publish news reports and implemented activities, designing a database on gender issues and women’s agenda for peace and security under the management and supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, in addition to agreeing to implement a number of activities and meetings with representatives of international and international organizations and community organizations. Civil, and some relevant official authorities.

For her part, the international expert, Etimad Matar, pointed out the need for concerted official and popular efforts to define the importance of the national plan for implementing the women’s peace and security agenda, as it is one of the most important programs implemented by the government under the leadership of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and is currently being implemented in the capital, Aden, and some governorates as a preparatory stage for future expansion to The rest of the liberated governorates, and due to the importance of the project, the theoretical framework and the organizational and institutional structure of the plan were presented at the “The Hague” conference within the annual report submitted by the government.

The international expert confirmed that she will convey a picture of the workflow of the project to the financiers to provide the necessary support, and the need to allocate a budget for the implementation of activities in the field of security and peace and to strengthen the role of security institutions in Aden to deal with women’s issues professionally and apply the rule of law, in integration with all official bodies with the aim of providing quality service for women and finding Solutions to the problems produced by the war.

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