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Minister Al-Zaouri discusses with the UNICEF team national plan for child protection

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Zaouri, met in his office the National Child Protection Plan Consultant in the UNICEF, Ms. Amira Abdulaziz, and the Protection Consultant, Mr. Ahmed Abdel-Dame.

During the meeting, the comprehensive report on child protection conditions in the southern governorates and liberated areas was reviewed.

Minister Al-Zaouri stressed the importance of the proposed interventions for the strategic directions of child protection, and the availability of information to ensure the completion of the preparation of the national plan in order to achieve the desired goals of providing better protection and services for children.

The Minister pointed out that the plan is being built on the basis of the efforts of partners in the ministries concerned with child protection and the executive offices in the governorates under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and within a unified framework and a common vision to develop a clear and correct future plan that meets the needs of children and helps them obtain adequate protection and their right to education, health and community participation.

Minister Al-Zaouri also discussed the program of the visit of UNICEF Child Protection Consultant Amira Abdulaziz and its desired goals, directing specialists to overcome any difficulties facing its work.

For her part, Counselor Amira Abdulaziz appreciated the efforts of Minister Al-Zaouri in assisting her and facilitating her tasks, pointing out that the UNICEF team is building in preparing the national plan on the basis of previous efforts to achieve the goal of the activity, and mobilizing the support of funders for the plan as a general reference for all with the participation of ministries and local authorities under the auspices and supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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