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Minister of Civil Service pledges to solve problem of contractors and those who meet conditions for employment in Aden the capital

The Minister of Civil Service and Insurance, Dr. Abdel Nasser Ahmed Al-Wali, met in his office with the Director General of the Zakat Duties Office in the capital, Aden, Ahmed Mihdhar Ahmed.

The meeting discussed issues related to the employees of the Zakat Duties Office, in particular the employment and appointment of collaborators, whether in the public administration or in its branches in the directorates of the capital, Aden, some of whom have served more than 27 years.

During the meeting, Dr. Abdel Nasser Al-Wali expressed the readiness of the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance to develop the necessary solutions to solve the problem of contractors and collaborators in the Duties Office in Aden, especially for those who meet the employment conditions.

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