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Minister of State, Governor Lamlas: The security and stability of Shabwa is part of security and stability of Aden the capital and all governorates

The Minister of State and Governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, affirmed that the security and stability of Shabwa governorate is part of the security and stability of the capital, Aden, and the rest of the country’s governorates.
Lamlas called on all honorable people of Shabwa and its loyal men to rally around the governorate’s governor, Awad bin Mohammed bin al-Wazir, to lay the foundations of security and stability and restore state institutions.
The governor of the capital, Aden, renewed his support for all the efforts led by the governor of Shabwa to spare the governorate those conflicts through the calls he made to all the military and security components and units to implement the decisions issued by the Presidential Leadership Council to stop the fighting and maintain public tranquility.

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