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Moroccan journalist Jazoulette visits the National Southern Media Authority

The Moroccan journalist, Dr. Tawfiq Jazoulette, on Thursday, visited the National Southern Media Authority in the capital, Aden, accompanied by Mr. Lutfi Shatara, Head of the Research and Decision Support Center of the Southern Transitional Council, in which they were received by Mr. Mukhtar Al-Yafei, Deputy Head of the Southern National Media Authority.

During the meeting of Dr. Tawfiq Jazoulette, with the members of the Authority and a number of southern media members and journalists, Shatara confirmed that the journalist Jazoulette, as much as he was a follower of the unjust war on the South in 1994, he is still following the issues of the South, pointing to Jazoulette’s saying, “The war continues” applies today as we face ongoing challenges related to restoring state institutions and aspirations of our people to restore their independent federal southern state.

For his part, Al-Yafei welcomed the Arab journalist Tawfiq Jazoulette in his visit to the capital, Aden, and to the South, nearly thirty years after his visit there in the circumstances of his coverage of the unjust war in 1994 that was launched against the South, pointing that Jazoulette was a witness to the war crimes against the people of the South when he was a correspondent for the MBC channel and reported with all professional honesty and objective credibility, the facts of the systematic destruction, obliteration of identity, and brutal occupation of land and people in the capital, Aden, and the southern governorates, by the treacherous northern powers, that were taking place.

Al-Yafei expressed the appreciation of all southerners from Al-Mahra to Bab Al-Mandab for the positions of this free Arab journalist and his braveness that clearly and unequivocally embodied the right of the people of the South to restore their state, at a time when the foreign media was ignoring this just cause and not paying attention to it.

In the meeting, Al-Yafei delivered a comprehensive explanation of the role and tasks of the National Southern Media Authority, which are represented in shaping and directing the southern media and in formulating a national discourse that expresses the legitimate aspirations of the people of the south, pointing to the struggle, awareness-raising and enlightening role that the authority plays towards colleagues of words and images and content makers in the south.

For his part, the journalist Jazoulette expressed his deep gratitude to the people of the South for the warm welcome and feelings of affection and gratitude that he received since he set foot on the pure land of the South, indicating that his positions in support of this struggling southern people stem from the justice of their cause and from their inherent right to restore their state and realize the aspirations of their people in a civil and federal state after a journey of suffering and desperate struggle since the 1994 war.

For his part, journalist Jazoulette praised the political, security and military successes achieved in the south and the media role played by the media authority in leading and organizing southern action, pointing out the importance of expanding the circle of southern media discourse so that it reaches the Arab and foreign media to explain the justice of its cause and the aspirations of its people for a dignified and stable life in an independent, sovereign southern state, stressing that it will be achieved, expressing thanks to the efforts of leadership of the South and the struggle of its proud people and baptizing it with the blood of its righteous martyrs on the fronts of defense and honor.

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