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Muneer Al-Yafey: Liberation and Independence Will be Achieved Without Giving Up a Single Particle of Sand All Over the South

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Adan – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Brigadier Muneer Al-Yafey (Abu Yamama), commander of the southern backup and support forces, issued a press release that SAMA News is publishing as it is:
We are concerned with all cities and villages of the south. Security sand stability of this region of the earth are our goals under the flag of our southern independent state. All our fellow fighters in all battel field can never carry in their hearts things like territorialism, racism or political attitudes. We are all sons of the south with a unified destiny and common goal. Those who gave up national consensus have made up their decisions. Everyone is free in his choices. But those who try to sabotage or to launch terrorist attacks or to spread disorder, to them I say, “game over” and the south is far more precious than your self-interests. We all know that our country needs construction, and this will never be achieved unless we restore security. Every southern citizen should feel secure in his home and on all roads in every city or village in the south. We don’t want to secure a facility, a city or a person while leaving others in danger. God Willing, security and stability will be restored, and liberation and independence will be achieved without giving up a single grain of sand from the southern soli. Fellow citizens, you are the main pillar for security and we are your soldiers. Let us work together with faithful hearts to serve our country. Our dignity stims from defending our country and securing its sacred soli. To our south I say, defending your soil is an honor, being martyr for you is hope and betraying your cause is shame.
Muneer Al-Yafey Abu Yamama
Commander of the Southern Backup and Support Forces

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