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National Southern Media Authority stresses importance of organizing security and military media for Southern Armed Forces


The National Southern Media Authority stressed the importance of organizing security and military media for the southern armed forces, as it is the auxiliary weapon and even the most effective and influential in the comprehensive national liberation battle.

This came during the National Southern Media Authority periodic meeting today, Tuesday, headed by Mukhtar Al-Yafei, Vice Chairman of the Authority, and in the presence of Brigadier General Jalal Nasser Al-Rubaie, Deputy General Commander of the Security Belts, Commander of the Security Belt in the capital, Aden.

At the meeting, Al-Yafei said that organizing, developing and advancing the military and security media to a level that qualifies it to perform its role to the fullest, comes at the top of the priorities of the National Southern Media Authority, noting that the Media Center of the Southern Armed Forces, headed by the official spokesman, Lt. Col. Mohammed Al-Naqib, was established under the directives of President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, and within the general strategy for rehabilitating and organizing the armed forces.

The meeting reviewed the action plans presented by the Southern Armed Forces Media Center of the Southern Media Authority and the media offices of the security belts, and ways of coordination and joint cooperation between the authority’s leadership and the Security Belt leadership to implement the practical measures of the plan for the organization, unification and development of security media.

During the meeting, the Authority approved a number of proposals aimed at regulating the work of the military and security media, especially the role assigned to military and security media offices of the Southern Armed Forces and their arrangement by including them in the Southern Armed Forces Media Center.

For his part, Brigadier General Al-Rubaie expressed his appreciation for the prominent role played by the National Southern Media Authority headed by Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, praising the authority’s efforts during the past period in enhancing the role and effectiveness of the southern media and the Transitional Council’s media in particular.

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