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Official Statement by Southern Transitional Council about Houthi terrorist seizure of international vessels

The Southern Transitional Council, issued on Sunday, a press statement regarding the attack and seizure of the Houthi terrorist of an international vessel, hereunder is the statement:
The recent Houthi terrorist seizure of international vessels is an alarming threat to regional and international security and stability which directly threatens Yemen’s and the world’s food security. The Southern Transitional Council strongly condemns these acts of terrorist piracy and calls on the international community to shoulder the grave responsibility of confronting and deterring these threats with the utmost resolve. Houthi actions and persistent terrorist behavior continue to obstruct all peace efforts in the South and Yemen, as well as at the regional level.

The Houthi seizure of a vessel in the territorial waters of the Gulf of Aden represents an escalation of the pattern of ongoing violations and acts of aggression against the people and the government in Southern Yemen and serves as further evidence that this terrorist group routinely exploits humanitarian issues to conceal its grave crimes against humanity. It is also further evidence that the Houthi are acting as a tool of the Islamic Republic of Iran – obedient to its directives and causing harm to its neighboring countries.

While the Southern Transitional Council condemns this terrorist behavior that directly threatens our food security and warns of doubling the economic and humanitarian crisis that our country is experiencing and threatens international navigation and trade lines in Bab al-Mandab, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, it confirms at the same time its permanent readiness to work to secure the path of international navigation and deter Houthi terrorist behavior, by raising the readiness of our southern naval forces and working to develop them, in partnership with the Arab coalition countries and regional and international partners.

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