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On July 7th.. STC in Hadramout organizes a major popular event on the occasion of “Land Day”

The executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Hadramout governorate decided to organize a major event on the occasion of Land Day on July 7.

In its meeting held on Monday, the executive body of STC affirmed that this event comes to respond to all desperate attempts to strip Hadramout from its southern center.

The STC in Hadramout called for the need to make good use of this occasion to express their adherence to the southern project, warning of conspiracies hatched by some forces to control the governorate.

The STC expressed its dissatisfaction with the deteriorating service and economic conditions experienced by citizens, and the lack of sincere intention of the competent authorities to improve the lives of people.

The STC in Hadramout appealed to the Arab coalition to intervene urgently to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe that threatens the lives of citizens as a result of the continuous collapse of the riyal, and the consequent insane rise in commodity prices.

In its meeting, the executive body of the local leadership of the STC in Hadramout condemned the terrorist attack on the car of Hadramout Security Director, Brigadier General Muti` Al-Minhali.

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