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Panel discussion on the role of arts in achieving transitional justice in the South

The training and rehabilitation sector at the Southern Transitional Council (STC), on Sunday, in the capital, Aden, launched a panel discussion on (the role of social work in achieving justice and transition in southern society.
Dr. Mona Awad Bashraheel, member of STC’s Presidency, General Supervisor of Training and Rehabilitation in STC, discussed with participants the role of arts in promoting social cohesion and achieving justice in all forums in society.
She called for the culture of the South with various products, presenting a distinctive model on the ground, presenting recommendations, outputs and episodes…
The panel discussion reviewed a research paper on the role of arts in social cohesion and achieving transitional justice in southern society, which included the concept of social cohesion and the role of culture.
It also dealt with the details of the project discussion discussion discussion, the circulation of ideas and recommendations put forward by the discussion, and the interventions and proposals of the participants.

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