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Parley Between Head of UK Parliamentary Delegation and Chairman of the Political Department of the Southern Transitional Council

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In continuous efforts of the southern delegation to EU Parliament, and in cordination with the political department of the southern transitional council, Dr. Nasser Al-Khabjy, chairman of the political department of the southern transitional council, received a phone call from Mr. Ray Finch, member of the EU parliament and head of UK delegation in the EU parliament. During the call, Mr. Finch expressed his full support to the right and cause of the south saying: “It is a pleasure to talk to you and invite you and your colleagues in the southern transitional council to visit UK next March to discuss the future requirements of southern Yemen and to achieve permanent peace. With your help we can invite other Yemeni groups to participate in the talks for a long-term peace that considers the differences and expectations of regional countries”. He added: “Despite of suffering that resulted from armed conflicts, I urge you for immediate cease fire and return to peaceful talks, hoping that this phone call may be a good start for future fruitful talks and that the council may accept our invitation to establish a joint strategy that achieves the expectations of the southern people and establishes peace and stability in Yemen and the whole region”.
In turn, Dr. Al-Khabjy praised the speech of Mr. Finch and expressed his gratitude for UK Delegation to EU parliament and its support to the southern cause. He confirmed that the council desires to walk the peaceful path as an option for solving all problems with all parties according to the expectations of the southern people and its right in self-determination. He also asserted that the council is exerting major efforts with the legitimacy authorities and the Arab Coalition to restore security and stability to the south through activating the role of various associations. He added that the southern people faces major challenges including terrorism, restoration, basic needs, security and stability. Al-Khabjy indicated that the armed option was forced to the south and the council is with cease fire and return to peaceful talks with all parties to each permanent peaceful solution that are agreed upon for the security and stability of Yemen and the whole region. Dr. Al-Khabjy appreciated the role of UK as a supporter for peaceful talks among conflicting parties in Yemen asserting that the southern people should be represented by his real representatives in any upcoming talks. Al-Khabjy also appreciated the generous invitation of the southern transitional council to visit London and sent a similar invitation to Mr. Finch and his colleagues to visit Adan as soon ass the situations are stable.

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