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Presidency of Transitional Council stands on government’s performance and steps to address the deteriorating situation

SMA NEWS – Aden the capital

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Saturday, its first periodic meeting for this week, headed by Dr. Nasser Al-Khobaji, Acting President of the Council, Head of the Negotiations Affairs Unit.

The meeting included the ministers of the Council in the parity government, and director of the Council’s president’s office, and the advisor of the Council’s president for military and security affairs, in addition to the general commander of the backup and support brigades, and the director of security in Aden the capital.

The Presidency got briefed by the security commanders on the developments of the security and military scenes in the capital Aden, and in military fronts against the Houthi militia.

The meeting discussed ways to enhance the role of the Southern Armed Forces in maintaining security, stability and public tranquility, and to address the tampering, corrupt, lawbreakers, merchants, looters and land gangs, in which the Presidency took a number of decisions and measures in this regard.

The meeting focused on the level of government performance and its position on the deteriorating conditions in all fields, as the Presidency listened from the ministers who were attending the meeting, to a detailed explanation about the steps taken by the government to alleviate the burdens that burden the citizens.

The ministers indicated that there are a number of steps that have been taken recently, including the formation of committees for services, and the provision of oil derivatives, and the Central Bank, noting that these committees are authorized to take decisions and decide on the most effective solutions and procedures, and to set and arrange the necessary arrangements for the coming summer according to a plan and an exceptional working mechanism.

The Presidency commended the role played by the Transitional Council ministers in the government, and urged them to implement the principle of equity and partnership in leadership positions at the level of ministries and central institutions, in accordance with the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement.

The meeting called on the government of parity to take into account the difficulty of the living situation and the collapse of the currency’s exchange value and its implications for the sources of income of civil and military employees, stressing the urgent need to increase the salaries of these two segments according to reasonable rates that correspond to the size of the decline in the value of the currency.

The meeting, which was also attended by the Director of the Health Office in Aden, Dr. Ali Abdullah Saleh, and Dr. Salem Al-Shabhi, Chairman of the Corona Confrontation Committee of the Council, touched on the developments of the Corona pandemic, and ways to mobilize support to confront the second wave of the virus, based on the report submitted by the Health Affairs Committee of the Council, and the Presidency took a number of decisions related to this aspect.

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