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President Al-Zubaidi Chairs Meeting with Military Commanders and Security Officers in Lahj Governorate

President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, and Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), chaired on Wednesday a meeting with military commanders and security officers in Lahj Governorate.

In the beginning of the meeting, the President commended the enormous and ultimate sacrifices made and still being made by the military and security personnel of the Armed Forces in Lahj Governorate, along the front lines with the Houthi militia, to defend the entirety of the South, confront the threat of terrorist organizations, and control smuggling operations and some disruptive manifestations to the security, stability, and public tranquillity of citizens.

President Al-Zubaidi stated that the aim of this meeting is to ascertain the combat readiness of the military forces in the various combat axes, the needs of the security services, and possible mechanisms for reorganizing them and coordinating their work as per the assigned tasks and competencies to each unit.

President Al-Zubaidi highlighted that Lahj governorate is of great importance due to the diversity of its geographical nature and the extent of its outskirts, its important strategic location, and the posed military and security challenges, which require maximum efforts in both aspects of operational coordination, information exchange, military discipline, and military coordination, as well as strategic planning, to ensure the greatest effectiveness in executing tasks and preserve the gains thankfully made by the final sacrifices of the blessed martyrs.

After that, a range of topics and issues related to the performance of the military and security forces in Lahj governorate were discussed, in addition to mechanisms for coordinating their work, enhancing their readiness, raising their combat capabilities, controlling manpower, and inventorying military equipment to help the Southern Armed Forces Restructuring Committee carry out its tasks smoothly and easily and take the necessary measures in this regard.

The meeting was attended by Major General Kamal Hamshari, member of the STC’s Presidium and office head of the President of the STC, Major General Saleh Ali Hassan, Chief Joint Operations Staff; Major General Fadhl Hassan, Commander of the Fourth Military Division, Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, Commander of the Security Belt Forces, Brigadier General Abdul Salam Al-Baihani, Acting Commander of the Southern Land Forces, Mr. Ali Al-Awlaqi, Brigadier General Hussein Al-Junaidi, Commander of the Security Belt Forces of Lahj Governorate, Brigadier General Ahmed Hassan, Head of the Security Department of the STC, and Mr. Emad Mohammed, Office Head of the Vice President of the PLC.

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