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President Al-Zubaidi Discusses with U.S. Ambassador Recent Local and Regional Developments

President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), virtually met on Thursday evening with Mr. Steven H. Fagin, U.S. Ambassador to Yemen.

The meeting discussed the latest developments in the situation in the country in light of the continuing escalation by the Houthi militias in the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandeb Strait, and the Gulf of Aden and its repercussions on the humanitarian conditions and opportunities for peace and bringing calm. President Al-Zubaidi reiterated his firm position rejecting the Houthi escalation in the shipping lanes, considering that the Houthi militias’ targeting of the commercial vessels waged an absurd war that targets the national and food security of the country and doubles the human suffering of our people, in addition to targeting the interests of the region and the world as a whole.

President Al-Zubaidi called on the international community to assume its responsibilities in securing international shipping lanes in this important part of the world by supporting and assisting the military forces within the framework of the PLC to conduct the tasks assigned to them, confirming again that air strikes are not enough to deter the militias and end their reckless actions.

For his part, Ambassador Fagin reiterated the US government’s readiness to secure maritime navigation in the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandeb, and the Gulf of Aden, and at the same time, its keenness to find real peace in the country through a comprehensive political process that includes various parties under the umbrella of the United Nations.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghaithi, member of the STC’s Presidium and Head of the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission (CRC) of the PLC, Mr. Amr Ali Al-Beidh, member of the STC’s Presidium, and the Special Representative of the President of the STC.
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