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President Al-Zubaidi Gets Briefed on Current UN Endeavours for Ceasefire and Peace

President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), was briefed on the latest Endeavours being made by the regional and international community to bring peace to the country and the entire region. It took place during his meeting on Tuesday with Mrs. Roxana Bazargan, the director of the UN Special Envoy office to Yemen, Mr. Hans Grundberg.

The President listened to a satisfied explanation from Mrs. Roxana of the tasks accomplished by the UN Special Envoy in the framework of his endeavours to complete the ceasefire agreement and prepare for the launch of the comprehensive political process that establishes a just peace in the country and the entire region.

President Al-Zubaidi asserted the full support of the STC and the PLC for all efforts that have been made to end the war and establish peace and to deal positively with whatever would ensure just and sustainable solutions to all issues, foremost of which is the cause of the South as the fundamental one and the key to resolving other issues.

The meeting touched on the military situation on the front lines, and in this respect, President Al-Zubaidi warned that the continued escalation of the Houthi militia on various fronts will abort all efforts made to establish peace, reset the progress to square one, and multiply the risks threatening international shipping lines in al-Mandab Strait and the Gulf of Aden.

President Al-Zubaidi called on the United Nations to exert more endeavours during the upcoming period to help the PLC pull the country out of its grave economic and humanitarian crises, indicating that reviving the economy of the country would help resolve the situation on the political and military levels.

For her part, Ms. Roxana affirmed that the United Nations has a full understanding of the issues discussed in the meeting, foremost of which is the importance of the presence of the cause of the South in the ceasefire process and in the comprehensive political process in all its phases.

The meeting was attended by Major General Kamal Hamshari, member of the STC’s Presidium and office head of the President of the STC, Major General Saleh Ali Hassan, Chief Joint Operations Staff, Major General Fadhl Hassan, Commander of the Fourth Military Division, Mr. Emad Mohammed, Office Head of the Vice President of the PLC, Mr. Anis Al-Sharafi, the deputy director of the General Directorate of Foreign Affair (GDFA), and from the office of the UN Special Envoy, Mr. Brett Scott, acting office head of the UN envoy in the capital, Aden, and the team of the envoy’s office in the capital.

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