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President Al-Zubaidi Highlights Significancy of Dialogue as Firm Political Approach to strengthening Southern Cohesiveness

The president Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), stressed the importance of the South-to-South dialogue, as a human value, civilized phenomenon and successfully firm political approach to reach a national code of honour that embodies the southern unity and expresses the collective firm will of people of the South.

It took place when the president Al-Zubaidi chaired the periodic meeting of Presidency of the STC, on Saturday, in the presence of several ministers in the power-sharing government, and the External Southern National Dialogue Team (ESNDT).

In its meeting, the presidency listened to a report on the common understandings achieved by the ESNDT during its gatherings with the southern national forces aboard, in addition to the ongoing plans and mechanisms to begin the second stage of the internal southern dialogue with the southern forces and components which are going to unify visions and consolidate the joint national work, embody the southern cohesiveness and it will be capable of fulfilling the supreme goal of people of the South in restoring their free and independent State, and contributing to build its Institutions.

In a separate context, the presidency of the STC stood before the security incidents in Shabwa governorate, in the past week, and in this concern, the presidency has renewed its full support for all exerted efforts by the local authorities in the governorate headed by the governor Awad Al-Awlaqi to stabilize the security situation and maintain the security and stability in the governorate.

In the meeting, the presidency touched on the latest developments related to the truce and the endeavours of the UN and the international community to extend it in light of the constant breaches and incessant violations by the Houthi militias against civilians in the confronting fronts, stressing that any talks to extend the truce can be considered as nil and void in reference to Houthis’ continuous hostile actions against defenseless civilians, and refusal to open humanitarian crossings, further to the lack of success of the UN and the international community to exert high pressure on these militias to implement their obligations as per the terms of the UN truce.

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