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President Al-Zubaidi meets Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Subaihi

SMA NEWS – ADEN the capital

The President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, met today, Saturday, in his office in the capital, Aden, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Jalal Al-Subaihi.

In the meeting, President Al-Zubaidi welcomed the Sheikh of Al-Sabiha sheikhs, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Jalal Al-Subaihi, praising the struggle and pivotal role of the sheikhs of Al-Sabiha throughout the years of the southern liberating revolution, praising the heroic role of the sheikhs of Al-Sabiha in various turning points in the history of the South.

President Al-Zubaidi stressed the need to strengthen the unity and the cohesion between the people of the South in general, and the people of Al-Sabiha in particular, and the southern societal cohesion to reinforce the strength of the southern social fabric, in order to ensure reaching the goal of the people of the South in restoring their state of the South with its full sovereignty.

President Al-Zubaidi stressed the need to confront the act of revenge, which is an outsider act of Al-Sabiha areas and the whole South, noting that the liberating southern revolution came to win for the right of southern human in a stable and secure life.

President Al-Zubaidi stressed that the issue of the hero leader, the Minister of Defense, Major General Mahmoud Al-Subaihi and his companions, is at the forefront of the Southern Transitional Council’s attention as it is the issue of all the people of the South, stressing that the Council is making every effort to release them through various means of pressure, the last of which was presenting the issue to the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross during his visit to the capital, Aden, last week.

For his part, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Subaihi, praised the great efforts made by the Southern Transitional Council, led by President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, aimed at restoring the state of the South with its full sovereignty, and the political and military victories that have been achieved for the South since the establishment of the Transitional Council.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Subaihi stressed that Al-Sabiha was and will remain the steel shield of the South, and its people and just cause.

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