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President Al-Zubaidi Receives Delegation from Tribal Chieftains of Al-Hamoum in Hadhramaut

President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zoubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), received on Sunday a delegation from the tribal chieftains, dignitaries, and notables of Al-Hamoum in Hadhramaut Governorate, headed by Sheikh Salmin bin Majnah Al-Hamoumi, Sheikh of the Al-Hamum tribes.

During the meeting, which was attended by Mr. Ali Al-Kathiri, Chairman of the National Assembly, President Al-Zubaidi was briefed on the latest developments of the humanitarian situation in the areas of Hadhramaut Governorate – the Coast, Valley, Desert, and Plateau – and listened to the most prominent concerns and problems that the people suffer from, with a focus on the daily suffering experienced by the citizens of the oil concession areas due to the emissions associated with the oil extraction process.

In this regard, President Al-Zubaidi affirmed the interest of the leadership of the STC and the PLC in the conditions of the residents of those areas, touching on their concerns and working to end their suffering as a result of the pollution that their areas suffer by directing the relevant authorities in the government to develop radical and sustainable solutions to the emissions associated with oil extraction.

During the meeting, President Al-Zubaidi reiterated his support for the people of Hadhramaut, whether it is a coastal region, a valley, a desert, or a plateau, and to stand by them to obtain their full and undiminished rights, confirming that his excellency would spare no effort to ensure justice for the citizens of the oil-producing areas in Hadhramaut and to uphold their rights to get vital projects in different sectors.

In turn, the chieftains, dignitaries, and notables expressed their thanks and gratitude for the special attention given by President Al-Zubaidi to Hadhramaut Governorate and his steadfast positions to enable its people to manage the affairs of their governorate, renewing their support for him until achieving all the goals of the southern liberation revolution.

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