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President Al-Zubaidi Underscores Maintaining Security and Improving Public Service in Hadramout

President Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC), has underscored stabilizing the security situation and improving the public service in Hadramout Governorate.

It took place when President Al-Zubaidi met today, Tuesday, with Sheikh Hassan bin Saeed Al-Jabri, head of the committee responsible for implementing the outcomes of the Hadramaut General Meeting (Haru), the leader of the Second Hadrami Uprising, and was briefed on the latest developments in the security and service situation in the Valley of Hadramout and the governorate in general.

During the meeting, the President reaffirmed the importance of enabling the people of the governorate to manage their affairs in all fields, foremost of which are the security and military aspects, as well as the importance of community participation alongside the elite forces and the security services to establish security and stability in the Coast, Valley, and Desert of Hadhramaut.

For his part, Sheikh Al-Jabri expressed his thanks for the firm and positive positions of President Al-Zubaidi in support of the people of Hadramout, bringing triumph for their rights, and standing by their side in the incessant endeavors to secure their governorate with troops from their own people.

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