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Protesters in Ghail Bawazir call for Al-Alimi to leave Hadramout

The city of Ghail Bawazir, in Hadramout governorate, on Sunday evening, witnessed a protest stand, expressing the refusal of the visit of the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, to Hadramout.

The protesters raised slogans rejecting Al-Alimi’s presence in Mukalla, demanding his departure from it, and denouncing the northern occupation forces’ plots to plunder the wealth of the governorate.

At the same time, they denounced the deterioration of basic services throughout the governorate, especially the electricity and water services, in addition to the high costs of living.

They called on the countries of the Arab coalition to assume their legal, moral and humanitarian responsibility towards the people of the South, in light of their suffering from a catastrophic and humanitarian situation due to the corrupt government policies, and the failure of the Chairman of the Leadership Council to dismiss them and hold them accountable.

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