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Public Protests in Adan Against Government’s Corruption and Ben Doghr Threatens: We Will Never Allow Dismantling Yemeni Union

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Public protests against the corruption of Ben Doghr’s government broke out in Adan on Friday as protesters demanded the dismissal of Ben Doghr’s government and send it to trial for its crimes against southern governorates. In response to these protests, prime minister Ahmed Ben Doghr threatened the southern governorates saying, “We will never allow dismantling Yemeni union” in clear threat for protesters. Southern citizens consider this union void especially after several military aggressive acts against their territories and Ben Doghr’s siege to the south under the notion of independence intents. Abd Al-Malek Al-Mekhlafy, minister of foreign affairs in Ben Doghr’s government, confessed clearly that they put Adan under siege for fear of the south may seek independence. Media sources in Adan anticipated that protests against Ben Doghr’s government will increase with demands of its resignation. Protesters called for the Arab Ally countries to interfere until this corrupt regiment is dismissed and separate government for managing the south is formulated.

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