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Research and Decision Support Center of STC discusses action plan aimed at achieving integration of roles and expertise with other bodies

The Assisting Research and Decision Support Center for the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), on Monday, in the capital, Aden, held its regular meeting, headed by Mr. Lutfi Shatara, head of the center, to monitor developments in political events locally, regionally, and internationally.

The meeting discussed an action plan for a series of meetings with Transitional Council bodies to enhance aspects of joint coordination, stressing the speedy development and implementation of the plan, which would work to achieve integration of roles and benefit from shared experiences.

The center meeting also discussed the importance of training courses and workshops that discuss the issues of the people of the South in various fields in order to raise the level of performance of the southern cadre, qualify them, develop their capabilities, and enhance their practical experience in the political field, noting the necessity of evaluating and summarizing the training materials presented during them.

The meeting reviewed the topics on its agenda, which included a number of projects and recommendations that the Center worked on in preparation for submitting them to the Council’s Presidency.

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