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Ro’a Center for Studies Holds a Workshop of “Mechanisms of Fostering Southern Identity”

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Mualla – Aden – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″]R o’a Center for Strategic Studies, Consultants and Training held a workshop about “Mechanisms of Fostering Southern Identity”, under auspices of president of the Southern Transitional Council.

            Dr. Jackline Mansour, chairperson of the center, opened the workshop indicating that the workshop is the outcome of one the center’s studies. She also presented a paper concerning conclusions and recommendations of a study about the role of educators and religious leaders in fostering the southern identity.

            Ambassador Kassem Askar Gubran, head of foreign affairs committee in the southern national assembly, wished success to all attendants and expressed the greetings of STC leadership.

            Dr. Najeeb Salman, chairman of research and studies department of STC general secretariat, presented a paper about “Identity and Belonging Responsibility”. The paper is about political components of historical sense of belonging on all its levels. The paper also discussed different terms of belonging, patriotic sense of belonging, social structure, belonging controversies, disturbed conditions and risks.

            Dr. Abd Al-Kareem Arrash, vice dean of Faculty of Arts – Aden University, discussed “Concepts and dimensions of Southern Identity” indicating that targeting national identity is a serious form of war against nations. He also indicated that Sanaa’s regimen tried to hide southern identity through destroying sense of belonging so that the south can be a follower of the north and southern texture is dissolved.

            Sabry Ahmed Afif, executive director of Ro’a Center, presented a descriptive study about southern national figures and their role in fostering southern identity. He indicated that the southern identity is not controversial as it is based on deep humanitarian culture.

            The workshop that will continue for two days, aims to foster the southern identity and identify the role of southern figures in that.

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